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Advice on tax avoidance schemes

There is sometimes a fine line between legitimate strategic tax planning and the creation of artificial tax schemes which HMRC class as tax avoidance.

The government are taking an increasingly strong line to frustrate schemes which may break no laws at the time they are created but use these laws to produce outcomes which the legislators never intended.

There is no doubt that HMRC are on a mission with the fully support of government to tackle ‘abusive avoidance’ potentially with retrospective effect. Since 2014 they have collected over £3bn from taxpayers even before a court has decided on the legitimacy of the tax avoidance scheme.

More recently HMRC are seeking to make directors criminally responsible for their actions. This can include powers of arrest, search warrants, seizing property and interviews.

Tax investigations and dealing with HMRC can be extremely stressful, time-consuming and disruptive.

I am now being consulted by an increasing number of directors who are receiving or expect to receive, advanced payment notices which threaten the very survival of their businesses.

Many of those directors wish to settle with HMRC but no longer have the funds to do so. I am able to help clients understand their options and discuss the possibility of ‘time to pay’ arrangements with HMRC.

Again, if necessary I can introduce you to trusted local solicitors whom I work alongside to give honest and open advice as to how best to put a difficult tax dispute behind you.