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Avoiding unregulated advisors

One of the many problems of companies experiencing financial problems is the increasing incidence of unregulated advisors chasing directors whose companies have received County Court Judgements (CCJ).

They are to be avoided like the plague. They will tell you what you want to hear and not what you need to know. They are not accountable for their advice and will at some stage refer you to their ‘pet’ insolvency practitioner and take a fee for doing so.

Very often their advice will seem too good to be true. Need I say more?

They will contact you by phone, post or email trying to get you to sign up with them. Many of these companies are not legitimate or regulated by any authorising body.

If you are contacted by one of these organisations, don’t be fooled, please contact me or call me on 07778 999888 for a free of charge, no obligation, initial discussion.