Restructuring and
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Restructuring and Turnaround

I can help and advise with Business Restructuring and Turnaround

Running a business can be very rewarding but it will also experience many challenges.

Cash management will always feature high up on any list of challenges but recognising issues early and seeking the right advice will go a long way to coping with any difficult situation.

It is important to distinguish between a temporary dip in performance or a terminal decline. Having someone on board who has seen it from both sides as an advising accountant but also as a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner, will help you take the early action you need to ensure the survival of your business.

Being a Chartered Accountant and a non-appointment taking insolvency licence holder puts me in a unique position to help and ensure you have the key performance indicators to spot the early signs of a problem.

Please click on the link to download a copy of our Company Brochure – Coyne Consultancy Company Brochure.

10 Under Performance Indicators 

  • Lower than expected bank balance
  • Surprising increase in overdraft
  • Lower profit margins
  • Increasing amounts of complaints
  • High employee turnover
  • Low stock turnover
  • Increasing product return rates
  • Defaulting on bills
  • Extended debtor or creditor days
  • High interest payments

I can help identify the key issues and help in taking the tough decision that may be necessary.

It may be that a short-term refinancing will do the trick and I have good access to a number of funds that can help plug the gap.

You may be in a position to put some of your own or family money into the business but you need to know how to protect it with a Private Debenture. I can help you put these in place and give you and your family both security and control.

It may be that the accounting and financial systems have broken down or a key member of the team has left or been taken ill. I can bring in experienced financial directors or accountants on a short-term basis whilst a replacement is brought in or the employee returns to work.

My advice is independent with the focus on being the director’s friend and ally, bringing much needed peace of mind, stabilising the business and ensuring any financial or operational changes are sustainable.

Once the business is back on its feet, I can if you require act as non-executive director for as long as necessary to ensure that the changes made to the business continue, to help change the mindset of the management, to ensure that financial controls are adhered to and that decisions are made based on timely produced facts and figures….not emotion.

How can I help?

Preparing a business plan

A solid business plan is key to securing funding.  It helps potential lenders or investors to understand the visions and goals of the business.  It brings focus to management’s understanding of the business strategy, its inherent risks and the impact of deviations from the plan.

Whilst the information will depend on the target audience, I can help advise on how it should be set out and what it should incorporate.

For further information on preparing a business plan, contact me or call me on 07778 999888 for a free, no obligation, initial discussion.

Security Advice

It is common in an insolvency that the strength of security is really tested.  Most commercial loans now involve security of some kind, be it a mortgage on a property or a fixed or floating charge.

Drawing on my wide experience, I can advise on the various types of security, their creation, priority and enforcement.  I can also help directors set up private debentures to secure their own monies invested in the company.

I can also effect introductions to experienced and trusted solicitors to advise on the drafting and granting of security.

For further information on security advice, contact me or call me on 07778 999888 for an initial discussion, free, with no obligation.

Avoiding unregulated advisors

One of the many problems of companies experiencing financial problems is the increasing incidence of unregulated advisors chasing directors whose companies have received County Court Judgements (CCJ).

They are to be avoided like the plague.  They will tell you what you want to hear and not what you need to know.  They are not accountable for their advice and will at some stage refer you to their ‘pet’ insolvency practitioner and take a fee for doing so.

Very often their advice will seem too good to be true. Need I say more?

They will contact you by phone, post or email trying to get you to sign up with them.  Many of these companies are not legitimate or regulated by any authorising body.

If you are contacted by one of these organisations, don’t be fooled, please contact me or call me on 07778 999888 for a free of charge, no obligation, initial discussion.

Advice on tax avoidance schemes

There is sometimes a fine line between legitimate strategic tax planning and the creation of artificial tax schemes which HMRC class as tax avoidance.

The government are taking an increasingly strong line to frustrate schemes which may break no laws at the time they are created but use these laws to produce outcomes which the legislators never intended.

There is no doubt that HMRC are on a mission with the fully support of government to tackle ‘abusive avoidance’ potentially with retrospective effect. Since 2014 they have collected over £3bn from taxpayers even before a court has decided on the legitimacy of the tax avoidance scheme.

More recently HMRC are seeking to make directors criminally responsible for their actions.  This can include powers of arrest, search warrants, seizing property and interviews.

Tax investigations and dealing with HMRC can be extremely stressful, time-consuming and disruptive.

I am now being consulted by an increasing number of directors who are receiving or expect to receive, advanced payment notices which threaten the very survival of their businesses.

Many of those directors wish to settle with HMRC but no longer have the funds to do so.  I am able to help clients understand their options and discuss the possibility of ‘time to pay’ arrangements with HMRC.

Again, if necessary I can introduce you to trusted local solicitors whom I work alongside to give honest and open advice as to how best to put a difficult tax dispute behind you.